Nov 19 2013




Saudi Arabia

The world's weather is going crazy. A massive Cyclone Cleopatra hit Sardinia killing dozens of people. The storm is heading to main land Italy and is expected to hit Venice hard with flooding rains.

In Saudi Arabia, they are going through the worse floods in years. There are photographs of young people jet skiing through he streets of Riyah!

In the Philippines, they have been devastated by the strongest typhoon ever to hit land.

Dozens of tornado's rip the United States Midwest in November.

In Somalia, a tropical cyclone has devastated the coast and killed hundreds.

What climate change?

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, rare and heavy flooding hit the capital city! Near two dozen people died. People were jet skiing down the streets of the desert kingdom! They average usually barely an inch in November and two inches fell in just two hours. It is a historical flood for Riyadh.

The BBC reports on the deadly Cyclone Cleopatra which has already killed dozens in Sardinia:


Hundreds of people across the Mediterranean island have been moved from their homes because of the flash flooding caused by Cyclone Cleopatra.

"We're at maximum alert," Giorgio Cicalo, an official from Sardinia's civil protection authority, told Italy's Rai TV.

"We haven't seen a situation as extreme as this, perhaps for decades - especially because it's been across the whole island."


Reports say flood waters in some areas were up to 3m (10ft) high.

Sardinian Governor Ugo Cappellacci told Italian TV that the situation on the island was "dramatic".

Meanwhile Olbia Mayor Gianni Giovanelli was quoted by Sky TG24 as saying that the city had been hit by an "apocalyptic"' storm.

CNN reports on one of the deadly Cyclones ever to hit Somalia:


Somalia appealed for international help after a cyclone hit the northern region this week, killing at least 115 people, and sweeping livestock and homes into the ocean.

"The number of people killed will go up," said Ahmed Adan, a spokesman for the Somali prime minister. "Most of the area is devastated. Whole villages were swept away. Some of the parts we can't even reach, a lot of people are missing."

The cyclone made landfall Sunday in the semi-autonomous Puntland region.

It triggered days of heavy rains and flash floods that swept homes, boats, cows, goats and other farm animals into the Indian Ocean. The region heavily depends on agriculture as a source of income.

In a news statement, the African Union Mission in Somalia said up to 300 people are feared dead and hundreds unaccounted for.

Extraordinary video footage of the massive tsunami like storm surge in the Philippines surfaced this week.