Nov 24 2013





The automobile world has been chatting about the Cadillac's new concept car 'The Elmiraj'. Some analysts believe the concept car will never make it to mass production. Others hail it as a new day for the division of General Motors.

Car and Driver reports:

Design themes, particularly those as radical as Cadillac’s initial razor-edged Art & Science (A&S) motif, typically enjoy a half-life of just a few years. Rooted in the 1999 Evoq concept and influencing production models from the 2003 CTS sedan onward, A&S has survived for more than a decade, albeit with varying degrees of care and feeding from GM’s luxury brand.

In other words, a fresh interpretation of exactly what defines the Cadillac look and feel is overdue. To shift such ethereal notions to a tangible mockup that designers, fans of the brand, and the world at large can see and touch, Cadillac recently whisked the wraps off its Elmiraj concept car at a country club in Carmel, California, just across the valley from Clint Eastwood's estate. (For his part, Eastwood attended the unveiling, pronounced the car good, and said he's ready to cut a check.) The car is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh, a purposeful piece painted a shade Cadillac calls Indian Blue.

The Elmiraj’s mission is not to accurately forecast any production model but rather to set the stage for future interpretations of Cadillac’s A&S design philosophy. The place that inspired the name—El Mirage—is a Mojave Desert dry lakebed where straight-line speed demons, Hollywood film crews, and weekend adventurers have gamboled for half a century

Needing something dramatic to secure the top of its model range, Cadillac draped its new A&S suit over a pillarless hardtop coupe of near-epic proportions. The wheelbase measures 121 inches, and the 205-inch overall length tops that of the stately Bentley Continental GT by more than a foot. That doesn’t mean that the Elmiraj or any production Cadillac that follows its lead will be a slouch. Driving enjoyment, sparkling performance, and an entertaining power-to-weight ratio all are integral to this fresh theme, notes the maker. To further emphasize that point, Cadillac tapped the engine it practically invented a century ago for propulsion service. (Yes, the car is a runner.) The Elmiraj’s 4.5-liter V-8 is blessed with twin turbochargers and a nice, round 500-hp rating. Underpinnings borrowed from an unspecified future production program closely resemble the architecture used in today’s ATS and CTS sedans. That means rear-wheel drive and strict attention to lightweight engineering disciplines.