Nov 24 2013




Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech ($1,800,000)

In a many states, college football coaches are among the highest paid public employees in the state. Actually in most states they get paid much more than the Governor. Despite educational cutbacks and tight funding for scholarships, these coaches get paid massive amounts to bring football glory to their educational institutions.

Ironically many of these high paid coaches are from some of the poorest states in America. Here are the top ten according to Business Insider.

1. Nick Saban
University of Alabama
Total Compensation: $5,545,852

2. Mack Brown
University of Texas
Total Compensation: $5,453,750

3. Bret Bielema
University of Arkansas
Total Compensation: $5.150,000

Butch Jones

4. Butch Jones
University of Tennessee
Total Compensation: $4,860,000

5. Bob Stoops
University of Oklahoma
Total Compensation: $4,774,167

6. Urban Meyer
Ohio State University
Total Compensation: $4,610,000

7. Les Miles
Louisiana State University
Total Compensation: $4,459,363

8. Brady Hoke
University of Michigan
Total Compensation: $4,150,000

9. Kirk Ferentz
University of Iowa
Total Compensation: $3,985,000

10. Charlie Strong
University of Louisville
Total Compensation: $3,738,500