Nov 17 2013



Rev Mixner 2

As some of you know, the last five years have been challenging for me in a number of ways. In that time span, there has been seven surgeries, stays in intensive care, bleak outlooks, several ambulance trips back to the hospital and long periods of recuperation. The health problems where numerous including tumors, African tick fever, internal bleeding and a mysterious critical illness that lasted several years that they never figured out.

Despite all of the difficulties I am very proud that I kept writing, kept up my blog, did a one man show off-Broadway, wrote a new book and continued my fight for freedom ....even from a wheelchair!

My sense of dark and wicked humor never left me and at times it came in handy to cheer up my friends and healthcare professionals more than it did me. Recently as I had to have a huge amount of blood transfusions I kept yelling that I wanted gay blood and didn't want to wake up dressed like the straight doctors! Then I would take the opportunity to educate them all that gay men were not allowed to give blood!

The lesson for me was never to cease living life to the fullest even in the darkest times. Personally I was inspired by others who had great struggles. One of my quiet inspirations was the person who played music in the concentration camps. I figure that if they could create beauty in that moment then I definitely had it easy and should celebrate life no matter the intensity of pain.

The other major lesson was how thankful I should be for incredible loving, caring and supportive friends who never ever gave up on me and was there for me on a daily basis. Their tenderness and determination to even laugh at my bad dark humor will never be forgotten by me. With such friends, I felt like the most wealthy man on the planet.

Now after a long journey I can report to you that I am well, feeling great, have lost well over two hundred pounds, still have my wicked sense of humor, back to consulting and back to full speed.

I am well again.

You have no idea how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and not have to change bandages, hop out of bed with energy and proceed with a normal day. It is an overwhelming daily feeling of jubilation.

The joy comes from being able to move normally and to wear again my favorite pair of cowboy boots without fearing of toppling into the gutter. Knowing that I don't have to see a doctor for six months and not building my schedule around a nurse coming around to clean my incisions. The joy of going out to plays again, seeing movies, taking care of myself, meeting friends for dinner and catching cabs on my own are major victories on a daily basis.

In this time of Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful including good health, loving friends, the LGBT community which is my eternal home and a loving family. Watch out world! Mixner is back and he is wiser, happy and determine to continue to change the world for the better.

God, it feels good to feel good.

I am so thankful.