Nov 24 2013




With my great nieces!

1. I broke my arm literally three times in a row when I was 8. Once by falling out of a hay loft, then immediately in a pea harvester and then the day out of that cast, I tripped over a tombstone.

2. Would be a 'cat lady' with tons of cats in my house if I could get away with it.

3. Always wanted to be a vet treating endangered animals in Africa

.4. I am a self taught expert on failed nation states and Africa.

5. Never finished college.

6. For a hobby, I do my own weather charts.

7. Can get very claustrophobic and can't sit in the back seat of a two door car.

8. Big Daddy is my nickname in politics and came from President Clinton a long time ago.

9. My Dad used to plow on the farm with a mule.

10. Love old time gospel hymns, bluegrass, country and 'the blues' as music.

11. When I was gravely ill two years ago, I took singing lessons to have a challenge to face to get me better.

12. Love coconut to eat, as bubble bath, as lotion and in any form.

13. Would be a total nudist if I was more secure in my body. Love being nude.

14. Love to write in the early morning hours

15. Absolutely love naps and can sleep anywhere.

16. Believe there is no such thing as too much laughter.

17. Always wanted both a pet cheetah and a pet the house of course!

18. My favorite public official of all time was Senator Ted Kennedy.

19. I would get weak in the knees around Hugh Jackman.

20. Am a believer in liberation theology and have deep faith