Nov 25 2013





The entire international human rights community seems to be focused on the horrible epidemic of anti-LGBT actions happening in Russia. The horror of watching Putin's Punks launch a reign of terror against Russian LGBT citizens is disgusting to witness and must be stopped. Around the world we have seen concerts, demonstrations, official expressions of outrage by governments and people traveling to the nation to confront the horror.

However, let's remember Africa.

The continents LGBT citizens are literally being killed, beaten, set afire and placed in nightmare prisons where the odds of them emerging alive are slim. In numerous nations across Africa, there is a war of terror and attrition against its LGBT citizens. In many ways, the hate rising in Africa against their LGBT citizens is an American export. The organizations fighting us here in the United States are increasingly using their missions in Africa to push for the death penalty and other repressive laws.

Since Moscow is Eurocentric, we hear of the news because of better access to news organizations. Because Putin Punk's see the need to put their videos on the Internet we actually witness some of the horror. And let's be honest, because the Russian victims are white we hear more about their stories.

While fighting for our Russian brothers and sisters, we must not forget the same in Africa. They have even less resources to fight back, almost no one is hearing their pleas for help and even our governments don't seem to care as much as they do about Russia.

Where to put resources and energy is not an 'either or' situation.

Global citizens who love liberty, justice and human rights must fight for all LGBT citizens rather they are in the more accessible Russia, in Africa or in the Middle East. Our obligations to fight for full equality for LGBT citizens doesn't stop with a skin color, an economic status or boundaries.

Please don't forget LGBT Africans.