Nov 30 2013




The USS Maine Memorial In Arlington National Cemetery

Heading to Washington, D.C. it is easy to make your check list of buildings, monuments and memorials you must visit on your trip. The famous ones are well known and you have to struggle to fit them all into one trip. In fact, security lines in some places have eaten even more into your vacation time.

However, if you are visiting Washington, D.C. more than once, there are some more obscure places to visit.

Here are a few of them.

1. The Original Franklin Roosevelt Memorial


Franklin Roosevelt want a memorial no bigger than his oval office desk and for years that is exactly what was built in his honor. This desk size memorial is on Pennsylvania Ave.

2. Arts Of Peace, Music and Harvest

Arts of peace

Located right behind the Lincoln Memorial these two statures were gifts from the people of Italy to the United States.

3. Albert Einstein Memorial


Dedicated in 1979 to the genius Albert Einstein, this memorial is located across the street from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Constitution Ave NW.

4. Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi


This man of peace has a memorial on Embassy Row in front of the Indian Embassy. It shows him on his march to the sea against the British Salt Tax.

5. Women's Titanic Memorial


This was built by 25,000 donations from women around America to honor the men who gave up their seats on the Titanic to save the women. This memorial has been moved around D.C. but currently is at Washington Channel Park on P Street SW.

6. Grave of Civil Rights Hero Medgar Evers


Dozens of prominent people are buried in Arlington Cemetery and it could keep you busy for one day alone. One of those is civil right hero Medger Evers.

7. Grave of Justice Thurgood Marshall


While in Arlington, visit and pay your respect to Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American to serve on the United States Supreme Court

8. Grave of President William Howard Taft


Besides President Kennedy, he is the only other President to be buried in Arlington. His grave is not far from the Kennedy Memorial.

9. Grave of President Woodrow Wilson


This is the only President actually to be buried within Washington, D.C. His sarcophagus is located in the Washington National Cathedral. Above the site is a stained glass window which depict war and peace.

10. Grave of Sgt. Leonard Matlovich


In the Congressional Cemetery, you can find the grave site LGBT hero Sgt. Leonard Matlovich. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War who made the cover of TIME magazine when he came out as a gay man. The Sgt had won both a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.