Nov 26 2013




Willaim Shatner picked ten films where the casting of an actor absolutely made the film unbearable to watch. Do you have a movie where you felt the same way? For me, it was casting of William Shatner in "White Comanche" (above) released in 1968.

Here are five of them and you can click here to see the rest.

1. Alexander The Great (Colin Farrell)


We don't remember much of what we learned in our high school history classes, but we're reasonably certain that Alexander the Great was Greek. So, you can imagine our surprise when Oliver Stone cast Colin Farrell in the central role of his 2004 biopic. The Dublin native did nothing to disguise his Irish brogue and played Alexander as if he were a lifelong Liffeysiders fan who feasted on shamrocks and gargled with Guinness. To make matters worse, Farrell's refusal to dump his accent forced supporting actors Val Kilmer and Jared Leto to adopt Irish accents of their own to cover any anomaly. The result was a sonic mess that made the film feel far more like fantasy than the glorious history it promised to convey

2. Che! (Jack Palance)


When you think of Jack Palance (if you think of Jack Palance), you tend to think of his roles in City Slickers and Sudden Fear, and that's a good thing, because the last thing in the world this Oscar-winner would want to be remembered for is his performance as Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro in Che! The only thing remotely Cuban about Palance's portrayal were the cigars he smoked on screen, and even those tended to evoke memories of Groucho Marx rather than of history's most charismatic Marxist. Yes, Castro may have struggled against his country's corrupt Batista regime, but it's nothing compared to how audiences struggled to stay awake during this colossal waste of celluloid.

3. Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (Kevin Costner)


Hollywood has yet to open a Horrible Accent Hall of Fame, but if it does, Kevin Costner will most certainly be in its inaugural class. This Oscar-winning actor has numerous strikes against him when it comes to trying to trying to adopt new dialects, but none are as blatant as his laughable attempt at an English “accent” in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Costner's lilt was so unconvincing that Empire magazine called his performance "just giving up."

4. Genghis Khan (John Wayne)


Hollywood producer Howard Hughes did some amazing things during his lifetime, but casting John Wayne as Genghis Khan wasn't among them. The boozy Iowa native was ill-equipped to play history's lustiest and most blood-thirsty Mongol and the film was universally panned by critics and moviegoers alike. Hughes was so embarrassed by the final product that he purchased every print of the movie for $12 million and kept it locked away in his personal vault for the next 18 years

5. Ghost Rider (Nicholas Cage)


You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger comic book nerd than Nicolas Cage. After all, the Oscar-winning actor named his son Kal-El and changed his own last name from Coppola to Cage to honour his boyhood hero, Luke Cage. However, just because he reveres superheroes doesn't mean he should play one the big screen. That was first apparent in 2007 in Ghost Rider and again in 2011 in its totally uncalled-for sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The movies may have been a dream come true for Cage, but they were a nightmare for anyone who had to sit through them.