Nov 26 2013



Bp16's Big Picture is carrying eighteen photographs taken by photojournalist Charles Dharapak. He captures many behind the scenes moments in Washington, D.C.

The site reports about Dharapak.

"I am drawn to photographs of things that are not inherently visual. It's not easy to make interesting photographs of people at press conferences." These photographs are from the Instagram feed of Charles Dharapak, a staff photojournalist for the Associated Press, currently based in Washington, D.C. Good photographers notice things that others don't. Like Nancy Pelosi's turquoise shoes surrounded by men's shoes. Or a detail of someone using chalk to mark the position for a military honor cordon. Most of Dharapak's Instagrams are shot with his iPhone. Sometimes he shoots with his iPhone in his left hand and his Canon DSLR in his right. "I believe the best thing about Instagram is that it provides an outlet for my photography that reaches a new audience that isn't necessarily interested in news, or political news specifically. It also allows me to engage with this audience, through comments and feedback,"