Nov 17 2013





Realized that there are several interesting developments in politics recently but hard to make any of them a full fledge story on the blog. So here is a quick summary of some interesting political news:

-Seattle elected its first Socialist to its City Council in decades. Kshama Sawant defeated incumbent Councilman Richard Conlin. It was a close race decided by just a little more than 1,000 votes. Conlin who was a liberal who served on the city council for sixteen years. In the same election, Seattle voters elected their first openly gay mayor State Senator Ed Murray.

-Republican United States Senator Mitch McConnell has a very tough race in 2014 in Kentucky. Not only does the Republican Senate Minority Leader have a tough primary with a Tea Party candidate but he is tied in his race with Democrat Alison Lundergan. The recent DFM Research poll shows the race at 41% t 40%. McConnell's unfavorable rating in the Blue Grass State is 55%!

-Former Governor (and Republican turned Democrat) Charlie Crist might not have an easy time walking back into the Governor's mansion in Florida. United States Senator Bill Nelson is considering challenging Crist in the Democratic primary. Poor Charlie.

-The Tea Party Leadership Fund has targeted for primaries eight-seven Republicans who voted to end the shut down of government. That includes Speaker John Boehner. The main target of the group are Backer says the group has honed in on a few specific members to start: Illinois Rep. Rodney Davis, New York Rep. Peter King, North Carolina Rep. Robert Pittenger, Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany, and most importantly, Backer said, House Speaker John Boehner in Ohio.

-Former Republican New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean is not 'feeling it' for Governor Chris Christie. Good old bully Christie attempted to unseat Kean's son as State Senate Minority Leader. Christie failed in the effort and created some enemies in his own home state.

-Another interesting election for the Republicans in Louisiana. Businessman Vance McAllister (R) defeated the choice of Congressional Republicans, Rodney Alexander, for an open Congressional seat. Bet you think McAllister is some right wing Tea Party type! Nope, he is more moderate than Alexander and actually said there are some good parts of Obamacare!

-On the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, the new Gallup Poll shows that 61% of Americans do not believe assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.