Nov 27 2013





Several thousand soldiers have died to enable Afghanistan President Karzai to remain in power as a less than stellar alternative to the Taliban. The President seems to take particular joy in tweeking American foreign policy makers as if this was some giant game of chess that he has to win.

His recent behavior toward the United States is nauseating.

President Karzai is making unreasonable demands on the United States before he approves a long term security agreement. In many ways, personally I am thrilled he is being intransigent since it present the United States a perfect opportunity. Let's just bring all of our troops home now and let them sort it out in Afghanistan.

Iraq has been a valuable example of where after five years of war and over 5,000 American dead, there has been little change in that nation.

Do we really believe keeping troops in Afghanistan after 2014 is going to make a serious difference? Most of the deaths of United States soldiers are coming from Afghanistan security forces who open fire on our own bases.

President Karzai's stubbornness is actually doing America a favor. Just give the corrupt and outrageous leader the finger and bring out troops home now.