Nov 4 2013




The Fiscal Times has an excellent article about the graduation rates from public universities. Of those entering college, only 56% graduate earn a four year degree over six years. The statistics come from a Harvard Graduate School of Education study.

Once again, the United States has fallen to dead last in the list of developed nations when it comes to getting our students to complete college. Slovakia is just ahead of us on the list!

The methodology for the study was:

Calculating college graduation rates isn’t an exact science – the data look at the number of incoming Bachelor’s degree-seeking students who graduate within six years, and dropouts include students who transfer to other schools. Still, the high number of dropouts is concerning. The following list is from calculations by the Chronicle of Higher Education for the 2010 year (the latest data available). We included only four-year accredited universities, and didn’t include schools with a high percentage of part-time students.

Here are the five worst public universities for graduating their student. You can see the remaining six by clicking here.

1. Southern University at New Orleans, Louisiana

Graduation rate: 4%
Undergraduates: 2,590
Median SAT score: 715
Pell Grant recipients: 75.8%
In-State Tuition and fees: $3,906
Acceptance rate: 48.4%

2. University of the District of Columbia, Washington D.C

Graduation rate: 7.7%
Undergraduates: 5,311
Pell Grant recipients: 44.7%
In-State Tuition and fees: $7,000
Acceptance rate: 63.2%

3. Kent State University-East Liverpool, East Liverpool Ohio

Graduation rate: 8.9%
Undergraduates: 1,371
Pell Grant recipients: 51.2%
In-State Tuition and fees: $5,288
Acceptance rate: 88.7%

4. Rogers State University, Claremore Oklahoma

Graduation rate: 11.5%
Undergraduates: 4,486
Median SAT score: 930
Pell Grant recipients: 40.5%
In-State Tuition and fees: $4,820
Acceptance rate: 50.4%

5. Texas Southern University

Graduation rate: 13.3%
Undergraduates: 6,964
Median SAT score: 796
Pell Grant recipients: 69.4%
In-State Tuition and fees(2010-2011): $$7,312
Acceptance rate: 36.4%