Dec 19 2013





"Mamet was a paid consultant to at least three donors for several years with the understanding that he would assist them in getting an appointment  after the election."

Now here is a switch for you.

Americans are use to Republicans blocking appointments from the President but there is one appointment that has anger many Democratic donors and some elected officials. Noah Mamet has been appointed by President Barack Obama to be Ambassador to Argentina.

Mamet who is big bundler of Democratic money and a close personal friend of former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina is causing a stir among Democrats. Mamet made a living off raising money and donors are upset that he is using 'our money' to obtain an appointment for himself.

Actually it goes much deeper than that. Mamet was a paid consultant to at least three donors for several years with the understanding that he would assist them in getting an appointment after the election. They are livid at the betrayal by him and his lack of personal ethics in taking their money as a consultant to help them and instead massively helping himself.

Buzz Feed Politics reports:

Mamet raised slightly more than $2 million from donors for the reelection, according to a source with access to campaign financial documents. The figure puts Mamet among the top tier of last year’s Democratic bundlers.

But over the last eight months, donors have complained that Mamet received outsize credit for the money his clients contributed, bolstering his $2 million total. A list of clients on Mamet’s website, a link to which was removed recently from the homepage, includes names of major donors like businessman Stephen Cloobeck, philanthropist Jay Snyder, and City National Bank head Russell Goldsmith. (Should Mamet be confirmed, he will no longer be able to work as a consultant.)

In his capacity as a paid donor adviser, Mamet consulted clients on giving their own money and on fundraising as bundlers.

“There was a feeling of, ‘Wait a minute. It’s my money he’s getting that with,’” said one California-based fundraiser of Mamet’s ambassador role.

At least one client also asked Mamet about the possibility of obtaining political appointments for himself. Three sources said Snyder, a principal at an investment firm and a longtime donor, was receiving advice from Mamet about pursuing an overseas post — only to find out later that Mamet had been slated for one instead.

Mamet comes to the position without major diplomatic experience. The biography on his website was recently expanded — nearly doubled in length — to include reference to his work on the Pacific Council on International Policy and a trip to Sierra Leone with a delegation from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s group, the National Democratic Institute.

One factor in Mamet’s favor may be his friendship with Messina, Obama’s longtime adviser. When the Hollywood Reporter first wrote about the news of Mamet’s appointment in May, the magazine reported that Mamet had been “championed” by Messina for the role. The two were described as “incredibly close” by one fundraiser, who recalled Mamet driving Messina around Los Angeles on a visit during the campaign.