Dec 20 2013





A&E has joined the crowd in making money off people behaving badly. One network after another has given us these outrageous reality shows where people become famous by inappropriate behavior. So surely A&E couldn't be surprised that lead Duck Phil Robertson has gone on a anti-LGBT rant. Also lets us not forget his racism in the same article.

The situation with television is that it is increasingly impossible not to find some reality show on a dysfunctional family or stars doing their best to grasp there 15 minutes of fame by being more disgusting than any other of the cast members.

Now with the Ducks, we have a person who actively practices hate speech. Lets be clear about the remarks of Phil Robertson. It is indeed hate speech.

Mail Online has uncovered yet one more video (see it below) of his hateful conduct.

They report:

Astonishing video has emerged in which Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson attacks gay people as 'ruthless' and 'full of murder' - charging them as 'arrogant' and liable to 'invent ways of doing evil'.

Administering his deeply controversial views in the fervent manner of a preacher, the stark footage of Robertson, 67, sees him equate homosexuality with bestiality as he bellows that 'they bow down to birds animals and reptiles and each other and the first thing you see coming out of them is gross sexual immorality.'

Hectoring the friendly crowd of the Wild Game Supper at the Berean Bible Church in Pennslyvania, Robertson accuses gay people of dishonoring and degrading behavior asking the rhetorical question 'is this going on in America right now?'- answering with the statement, 'Look around...boy, is there some immorality going on around here!'

Does taking him off the show silence his ability to free speech?

Nope, it most certainly does not.

He is still allowed to go anywhere in the country and be this week's hero to those who hate gays, spout off his twisted beliefs and practice his religion. Hell, he can do it everyday of his life. No right to free speech has been taken from him. Robertson is a free man and most certainly has a right to his views.

However, television should be a hate free zone.

When a person engages in such obvious hate speech it is the obligation of the networks to ensure they are not giving this person a platform to lean credibility to his hateful words.

Millions of people including children think the Ducks are cute and funny. That is not for me to decide. What should not be the case is that the children watching the show think that someone can be so hateful and find public acceptance on our airwaves.

Finally, use my favorite test. If he had attacked Jewish Americans or African Americans in the same way, do you think we would be even having this debate?

Robertson does not belong on the air by a respectable network as a star with credibility. He is a hateful man.