Dec 9 2013




Every time I visit Washington, D.C. I can't help but marvel that the city is one of the most beautiful in the world. With broad boulevards, striking national monuments, amazing museums, trees, flowers and everywhere you can see the sky, the city is breath-taking in its ambience. How fun it is to see the sky that serves as an extraordinary back drop for the city and all its wonders!

That vista which makes the city one of the world's most beautiful is because for years there has been a ban on high rise buildings. As a result, there are no dark canyons of concrete and steel nor huge buildings hiding our national treasures.

Now planning officials are toying with the idea of allowing huge high rises in our nation's capital. Seriously folks! These fools want to build high rise building in the city. Edifices that would overshadow our monuments, block out the sky, create dark corridors of commerce and ruin the beauty of this magnificent city would become a reality.

For those planning officials clearly with too much time on their hand, the message should be loud and clear from their fellow Americans. Keep your idle hands off our nation's capital. Don't mess with perfection.