Dec 29 2013




Rev Mixner 2

Not very good with resolutions for the New Year's but always attempt at the end to create a vision of what my next year holds for me. Here are some of my thoughts.

-Want to continue with my healthy moments and thrive in feeling well.

-Want to pay off healthcare costs that have mounted to a significant figure over the last five years.

-Want to travel more to Italy, Serbia, Scandinavia. South Africa and other exotic places if I have the resources. Really want to go to Arctic Circle in Finland and see the Aurora Borealis in one of those glass huts where you can lay in bed and see them at night!

-Would love to see the screenplay, that I wrote with Rich Burns, being made. We have a lot already lined up and it is 'this close' to happening. The screenplay is 'Dunes of Overveen' and takes place in World War II Amsterdam. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

-Any chance I can find, I want to spend with animals rather it is with my cats at home or wildlife in remote regions. Can't possibly spend enough time with them.

-Want to officiate at more weddings. Love doing it.

-Travel to a clothing optional resort and embrace my body like never before.

-Want to read more and more. It brings me such joy.

-Have to diversify my writing and spend more time on my next book and play.

-Please God let the Democrats take the House and maintain control of the Senate.

-Hope now that I am more healthy I can travel to more speaking engagements, especially at institutions of higher learning. Love sharing with students LGBT history, politics and movements.

-Cherish my close friends as much as I do animals and really hope to spend quality time with them this year filled with laughter, joy and profound conversations about the world and life.

-The photography galleries of New York are calling my name to come visit them.

-Would be a real achievement for me to walk the entire High Line.

-Will work hard for more intimacy in my life both emotional and sexual.

-Hope I can keep my ego in check, not lose my temper, suffer any depressions and fill my life with love, joy and liberation.

Happy New Year Everyone!