Dec 12 2013





While continuing to make progress in America, the international news for LGBT citizens continues to be disturbing. Two major 'high court' decisions this week made second class citizens of LGBT people in both India and Australia. Both should serve as a reminder to LGBT Americans that we are one court decision away from our rights being taken away.

In India, the high court actually made gay sex illegal. This wasn't just a marriage equality decision but a ruling by the highest court in India that its LGBT citizens are illegal and are breaking the law when they make love. Literally millions of Indian citizens were impacted by this ruling and the nation basically set up a system of apartheid for our community. The decision could not be more disturbing or dangerous.

Knowing personally Australians you keep thinking that the nation is progressive just because of their outgoing, fun-loving nature. Well, the high court in Australia overturned marriage equality in the land of Oz. Those couples that had been married in areas where it was legal saw their marriages thrown out by the court. In just one swift decision, the marriages were ruled invalid.

The message for LGBT Americans is loud and clear.

First, for those of you who think we are out of danger here in America, think again. Our job is not done. We are still facing a sharply divided Supreme Court that could turn on us with just one vote switching. Second, our oppressors are committed to seeing our rights taken away and have not stopped. Clearly we have had impressive victories but we are still vulnerable and have a long way to go.

Second, the situation internationally continues to get worse. The Sochi Olympics is a good place to focus the plight of Russian LGBT citizens but in many nations the situation is much worse. Even in Australia and India they took our rights away in a blink of an eye.

Celebrate our victories here at home but don't let your guard down or our enemies will seize that moment and LGBT Americans will end up fighting to regain lost ground. As for our brothers and sisters in India, they must know we are with them in the struggle and Americans will not rest until all LGBT global citizens are safe.