Dec 20 2013





Uganda and Nigeria Parliaments have passed new horribly anti-LGBT legislation. While the world is focused on Russia, the two nations have stepped up their campaign to imprison not only homosexuals but anyone who supports them.

In Uganda, while the death penalty has been removed from the new law, it requires life imprisonment for homosexuals who are 'repeat offenders'. The law also requires prison time for anyone supporting or advocating homosexuality in the nation.

In Nigeria, the legislation is waiting the signature of President Goodluck Jonathan.

As written it would sentence LGBT Africans to ten years in prison for just 'public displays' of affection. The legislation also outlaws any groups supporting rights for LGBT Africans and bans marriage equality. Anyone who attempts a same sex marriage would receive up to 14 years in prison and those who support such an attempt would be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

While Russia is important, these new laws make the Russians look like progressives.