Dec 6 2013




The time has long passed for some serious changes in American policy toward Cuba.

For over five decades we have been stuck in an unbending policy that no longer serves the interests of the American Cuban community, business or foreign policy. Entrenched for those decades for mostly political reasons and the pivotal state of Florida in American politics, government leaders have been terrified of significantly changing our relations with the island nation.

Even those Cubans who were twenty when Castro came to power are now in their sixties. While memories might be harsh for them, their is a new generation. We must not allow painful memories dictate a future.

America must fling open the doors to Cuba, grant it official recognition and allow our citizens to flow freely back and forth.

Economically it will provide thousands of jobs and opportunities for American business. The economy of Florida will have a new energy as the gateway to Cuba. Cuban Americans will be presented with even more opportunities with their families and friends that remain in Cuba.

Even more important, with the barriers removed, America will actually have the opportunity to influence the direction of Cuban politics, human rights issues and affect its economy for the better. At this stage in history, changing America's policy after these many decades is nothing but a win/ win strategy.