Dec 9 2013






Here is the latest from the world of politics.

-God help us! Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, Donald Trump once again raises his head. Now the billionaire Tea Party Republican is thinking of challenging Governor Andrew Cuomo. Lets hope he does so he can finally be wiped out at the ballot box!

-Will this be a first? Air Force One could carry four Presidents on one plane as it heads to the funeral of Nelson Mandela. President Obama, President George W. Bush and President Clinton will all be on the plane. President Carter is expected to join them.

-MSNBC has an article saying that the United States Senate races in the South could determine the control of that body in 2014. The four Senate races are in Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina and Louisiana.

-Every two years exactly about this time Centrist Democrats start wailing that the Democratic Party is too left. This year they have to factor in tough progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren who is hitting back hard against such nonsense! has an interesting article on Governor Christie's lobbying before he became Governor. This promises to be just the opening salvo as people finally take a close look at Christie's past and record.

-While we are chatting about Christie, Politico says Democrats are already digging deep into his record including his famous bullying of others in public. Every explosion in public is being carefully being preserved for future use politically. My guess is it isn't only the Dems digging deep into Christie's record but also right wing Republicans.

-Republican Tea Party types are going crazy at the nice comments from both Gingrich and Senator Cruz about Nelson Mandela. They are livid that the two would praise a former Communist and revolutionary. Racism is never more than two steps away.

-Public Policy Polling (PPP) has taken a poll in the Land of Lincoln and finds out they don't really love Oprah! Only 44% of voters in her home state view here favorably while 48% don't like the billionaire talk show host.

-The same poll shows that Illinois still remains mostly a moderate Republican state. In the 2016 race for the Republican nomination, it is a Christie state.

Christie 18%
Cruz 13%
Bush 12%
Paul 10%
Ryan 7%
Walker 7%

-The Washington Examiner says that born again former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is considering another run for the Presidency. He passed in 2012 but now seems ready to hit the campaign trail.

-Incumbent Republican Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran in a surprise move has decided to seek re-election. The 76 year old Senator faces a strenuous primary challenge from Tea Party Republican State Senator Chris McDaniel. Cochran has raised almost no money to take on his well-funded primary challenger. The Senator has less then a million in the bank.

-Governor Jerry Brown in the latest Field Poll has a 41 point lead over his closet Republican challenger in 2014.

-Right wing Rev. E.W. Jackson who lost his race for Lt. Governor of Virginia by 11 points has formed a new PAC in the state. One of the main goals of the effort is to defeat pro-LGBT actions in the Old Dominican State.

-The New York Post has an article saying that President Obama and Congressman Charles Rangel can't stand each other.

-This bit of news is classic. It seems as if the Republican National Committee is holding classes, yes that is right classes, to teach Republican candidates how not to offend women. Really? Do they actually need to be taught the issues of concern to women voters?