Dec 30 2013





Not sure if it is 'hillbilly chic' and it makes liberals want give to the clench fist on behalf of the perceived 'working class' or if liberal are embracing the 'freedom of speech' mantra without really thinking it through..

What I do know when Paula Deen got hit hard for her totally inappropriate remarks and none of these liberals who are preaching to me about 'freedom of speech' spoke up for her right to speech.

Deen was kicked off the entire Food Network without a peek coming from those advocating Phil Robertson's freedom of speech The silence was deafening. By the way, she is still on the outside and blacklisted.

However, with good old fashion bigot Phil Robertson, progressives are defending him with a passion. Over the last weeks, I have had a number of entertainment industry people insist to me that this was a freedom of speech issue. Really? Do they really believe this stuff should be validated by the entertainment industry? Really?

While Robertson has said some anti-African American statements and advocated sex with underage girls so you can train them early, let's face the truth of the matter. There are simply two points that really count.

1. Homophobia is still acceptable if the dollars are right in the entertainment industry.
2. The reason he is back on the air is because of those dollars.

Never mind that tens of thousands of our young gay children will be watching the show and be devastated by the comments. In addition, they will see that there are absolutely no consequences to his comments.

In fact, A & E is on the verge of creating a monster that will come back and bite them in the ass. This man is going to feel like he is the new messiah of hate and far from backing down we will soon hear eeven worse statements from his mouth.

Ever time a person like that whips up the masses with his unquestionable hatred, others feel they have permission to beat up LGBT Americans or even shoot them. Hell, if Phil Robertson with his craziness, guns and homophobia is praised and protected then it must be right.

These reality shows were originally created to break the Writer's strike in Hollywood. The original participants in these shows were scabs. They are shows are cheap to produce and they became extremely popular with the masses. The very concept of these reality shows is that they are really not confined to the 'screen' and that characters act out in public their television personas. It is impossible to define when the show begins and when their personal lives take over.

No one has taken Phil Robertson's Freedom of Speech away. He is able to go any place in this country and spew his hatred. Even Fox News can highlight him since that is a place of opinion. However, no where in the Constitutional does the concept of Freedom of Speech guarantee a television show or a job.

If I was working for a company and said outside the work place that the boss was a pig and that the executives were all money grabbing whores, no one would yell free speech and demand that I shouldn't be fired. Nope. They were just say I was one 'stupid f**k and should have known better.

The same can be said of Phil Robertson. This wasn't free speech. This was harmful and hateful speech that will hurt a lot of people.

Shame on A & E, shame on any who support Phil Robertson and shame on any community organization that thinks progress has been made in this despicable episode of hate.