Dec 21 2013





Before you write your nasty notes about how much you dislike Mayor Bloomberg, it is important that we take a minute to thank a man who has given us twelve years of his life and has left this city in better shape than when he started his terms. While ideologically I am more in tuned to Mayor-elect de Blasio, I have appreciated the fact that the city has dramatically improved over the last years.

Has it become perfect? No.

Has full equality both in civil rights and economically been obtained? No

Was he right on 'stop and frisk'? Oh hell no.

Did I share his love of Wall Street? No

However I really appreciated what he did accomplish and that this cities basic services worked.

There is much to be done but lets just take a moment and thank this Mayor. It is the right thing to do.

Here are some of his accomplishments and it is only just a part of a long list.

-He has added over 800 acres of new parkland

-He created 470 miles of new bike paths.

-He started the Citi Bike program.

-All over the city there are new pedestrian plazas creating new space for people and not cars.

-He has reduced Greenhouse emissions in this city by 16%

-His administration has planted over 800,000 new trees.

-New York City's harbor is the cleanest it has been in over a century.

-New York's homicide rate is the lowest in forty-five years.

-Violence in our schools has decreased by 57%.

-Thirty-five percentage less incarcerations have taken place.

-Outside the Silicon Valley, New York has become the new home to many technological companies including the new campus on Roosevelt Island

-Since 2005, there has been a 43% in the graduation rate and a decrease of the drop out rate by 50%

-Bloomberg has protected our service employees and other citizens from second hand smoke by creating a smoke free city.

-There has been a 50% drop in young people smoking and 28% drop in adults. The highest rate in the country.

-New York's air quality is the best in 50 years!

He fought for Marriage Equality.

The Mayor is one of the national leaders for gun control.

Bloomberg has become a forceful advocate of Climate Change and the need to act now on it.

So, I am going to take a minute and say, "Thank you Mayor Bloomberg for what you did right. Thank you for your service. I wish you well"