Dec 10 2013





Believe it or not, there was a time when passengers were treated with dignity and respect when they traveled by air. Hard to believe, right? The passengers even dressed up for the flights and they were served food on real china.

The first double-decker plane was not the Boeing 747 but the Boeing 377 which ruled Pam Am and the skies from about 1947 to its last flight in 1963. Only 56 of them were built and used in flight.

The plane could have up to 28 sleeping berths and five additional seats. Without the sleeping berths, the aircraft could seat several dozen passengers. It was one of the first aircraft to have a pressurized cabin. A spiral staircase connected to the lower deck which had a bar and lounge.

The aircraft was often called 'The Gubby' based on its appearance!

377 cab