Dec 30 2013




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The site reports on the methodology used in creating the lists.

Newly released data compiled by, an apartment search service, shows exactly which cities are demanding the most for apartment rentals, and which offer the best deals. By taking the median of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom listing prices, came up with a clean, succinct list of the most expensive and least expensive American cities to rent an apartment.

The most expensive American cities to rent an apartment:

10. San Diego ($1,670)

9. Seattle ($1,718)

8. Miami ($1,742)

7. Oakland, Calif. ($1,812)

6. San Jose, Calif. ($2,165)

5. Los Angeles ($2,177)

4. Washington, D.C. ($2,699)

3. Boston ($3,190)

2. New York ($3,344)

1. San Francisco ($3,396)

The least expensive American cities to rent an apartment:

10. Kansas City, Mo. ($730)

9. Louisville, Ky. ($727)

8. Columbus, Ohio ($722)

7. Arlington, Texas ($713)

T-5. Memphis, Tenn. ($692)

T-5. Indianapolis ($692)

4. Detroit ($678)

3. Tulsa, Okla. ($672)

2. Tuscon, Ariz. ($628)

1. Wichita, Kan. ($623)