Jan 7 2014




My dear readers, this will be the last Blog post on DavidMixner.com.

Nothing has given me greater pleasure over the last six years than to share ideas, knowledge and the beauty in the world. I am humbled by your loyalty and commitment to DavidMixner.com

In fact, its very growth is the reason that I have accepted Andy's offer.

DavidMixner.com has grown so fast that almost every day, I was seeking , writing and creating posts that would be worthy of my readers. Doing this slowed down my ability to do other creative writing as well as limiting my time for other pursuits. With tens of thousands of readers and growing rapidly, I had to make the choice of it being a long term life journey or allowing new challenges into my life.

I could not do both since the Blog's excellence would have suffered and it would dishonor your trust. That would not have been acceptable to me. Also unacceptable (especially for those who know me) is not creating new life challenges for myself.

Now you can find me a couple of times a week on Towleroad.com.

Andy Towle mentored me into blogging and I am excited that he has asked me to write for his successful and informative Towleroad.com I will be writing more in-depth pieces on LGBT issues, foreign policy, politics, wildlife and, yes, even weather!

Hope you will join me there. Trust me I will keep you informed on social media of my efforts at Towleroad.com.

As for me, look for new books, plays and other creative (and possibly crazy)activities. I am really jazzed about this decision.

Each and every one of you has been a gift to me. I love you for reading DavidMixner.com and I hope you will continue to read my writings at Towleroad.com.