Jan 1 2014





Forecasters are still having a difficult time coming to terms with snow amounts in the New York City. Most are saying in the five to eight inch range. Several are calling for more than a foot and blizzard conditions. The citizens of the Big Apple will know soon enough.

What fact is clear about Storm Hercules.

This is a very dangerous storm no matter what the amount of snow and there will be at least blizzard type conditions.

The storm will bring winds in access of 35 mph and wind chills dropping below zero. Anyone outside exposed to this storm for a prolong time without appropriate dress will be in great danger. In addition because of the howling winds, there will be massive white out conditions that could lead to extremely dangerous driving.

Friday will see record breaking cold and winds for the metro area. It is still not out of the question that for a few hours blizzard conditions could exist. Please pay attention.