Jan 6 2014





Right now (7:00AM) it feels like 55 degrees in the Big Apple with fog and rain. By tomorrow morning at the same time it will feel like -15 degrees! That is an astounding drop of 70 degrees in just 24 hours. Not sure if that is a record but it damn well should be!

Right now in Minnesota the warmest city is -13 degrees and that is in real temperature.

Be sure to be prepare for the dramatic drop of overnight in temperatures in New York City. Melting snow and rain will freeze instantly and leave large areas of 'black ice' tomorrow morning on sidewalks and roads.

If you have outdoor pets please make sure they are protected and the same for any dog walking in the morning.

Areas just outside New York City could hit -30 degrees wind chill which means frost bite in five minutes and dog paws seriously injured instantly on cold pavements.

The next forty-eight hours will be a dangerous time for all living things.