Jan 5 2014





The outbreak this week of arctic air can be very dangerous to your pets. Don't think because you can layer up that your dog will love walking in -15 degrees to -50 degrees wind chill. You can serious harm to your dogs and their paws.

You should make sure their paws are protected, that they don't have prolonged outdoor exposure and if possible, find safe warmer places for them to relieve themselves.

Pets can suffer easily from hypothermia and frost bite very quickly with this upcoming arctic cold wave. Younger and older pets are especially vulnerable. The brutal cold pavement when you walk your dogs can literally burn their paws with the wind chills expected.

THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THEM ROMPING AROUND IN SNOW. These brutal wind chills can do serious damage to your dogs and cats. A dogs fur will protect it from the cold but wind chill depletes the body warmth of the same dog.

If you know of neighboring cats and dogs who are left outside, help by seeking and creating a warm place for them with some sort of make shift shelter, straw, blankets or just bring them inside in a closed room until the worse has passed. Make sure they have water since their water bowls can freeze easily