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Speaking Inquiries

David is an experienced and highly regarded public speaker with expertise in LGBT rights, political strategy, public affairs, foreign policy, HIV/AIDS and grassroots organizing. He has addressed audiences at leading academic institutions worldwide, national political events, conventions and nonprofit public affairs seminars. To book a speaking engagement or for more information, please e-mail David at



For more information about advertising on, please e-mail David at

Blog Comments

David welcomes reader comments and inquiries regarding his blog and life’s work. Readers can post comments directly in his blog, but will need to provide their e-mail address. In addition, David will delete any comments that are homophobic, racist, sexist or demeaning of any one individual or group of people. He says it’s critical that we debate the issues facing our community and nation, but we must do so with dignity. To contact David, please e-mail

Media Contact

David has extensive media experience and has appeared on CNN’s Inside Politics, Good Morning America, Face the Nation, NBC Nightly News, Dateline and Charlie Rose. He welcomes inquiries from journalists and prefers to be contacted by e-mail at