David's Work

Stranger Among Friends

"An intelligent and challenging biography of contemporary America… An epic that is partly David Mixner and partly his times, and future historians will be hard pressed to understand us without reading him." - The New York Times Book Review

In this stirring personal history, one of America’s most influential gay rights advocates recounts his extraordinary career as a policy maker and adviser to the major political leaders of our time, and his own often anguishing, ultimately triumphant life as a gay man.

A longtime personal friend of Bill Clinton, in Stranger Among Friends David Mixner offers an insider’s look at the power struggles that occur every day in our nation’s capital and candid insights on the Clinton administration’s successes and failures.

Spanning three decades of human rights activism – from the behind-the-scenes negotiations to the painful betrayals to the hard-won victories – his forthright story unflinchingly explores what it means to be an outsider on the inside, and sends a message of hope to all who have ever stood up for what they believe. (Bantam Books summary)

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Brave Journeys

#1 Los Angeles Times Bestseller

From a top-gun pilot in the U.S. Navy to an authority on antigay violence, from a member of the Clinton administration to a leading Shakespearean actor, Brave Journeys tells the stirring stories of seven intrepid men and women who effectively challenged the status quo and thereby altered the political and societal landscape of the world we live in.

David Mixner, author of Stranger Among Friends and himself a renowned activist, political adviser, and White House insider, presents a vivid account of seven heroes of the gay rights movement who put their careers and lives on the line in their quest for equality.

Written in collaboration with Dennis Bailey, Brave Journeys is David Mixner's eloquent tribute to gay men and lesbians who have made a difference. Rich in private bravery and public risk, these profiles comprise a vivid map of the gay rights movement over the last fifty years – and individually they testify to the power of courage to force change against profoundly overwhelming odds. (Bantam Books summary)

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The Trip

Appearing as himself, David Mixner joins a talented cast in an ambitious epic romance that traces the course of two men through their initial meeting as teenagers in 1973 until the mid 80’s. Alan is a member of the Young Republicans and an aspiring journalist. He’s working on a book about the evils of homosexuality, and invites Tommy, a gay rights activist, over for dinner and to interview him for the book. Thus begins a friendship that leads to a love affair told against the background of Anita Bryant, radical politics and the emerging gay rights movement. A huge audience hit during its festival and National Theatrical release, The Trip is a funny, touching and powerful film. (Amazon summary)

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David Benjamin Mixner Papers, Yale University Library

In 2005, David Mixner donated his personal archives to Yale University’s Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and Gay Studies. More than 100 boxes of papers, correspondence, memos, videos, calendars and other personal items chronicling more than 30 years of the LGBT civil rights movement are now available for researchers and the public.

To learn more about David’s papers, visit the Yale University Library Web site.